Year 2012

June 2012

Day 1: Violence and anger in relationships
Day 2: Looking for safety in relationships
Day 3: Money and relationships
Day 4: Fighting and spitefulness in relationships
Day 5: other women in my exclusive relationship

July 2012

Day 6: Manipulating with Sex in relationships
Day 7: Process on relationships - raw and uncut
Day 8: My father's personality in me
Day 8: Being alone
Day 9: Manipulating in self-interest
Day 9: Secrecy in relationships
Day 10: My observations
Day 11: Building new mind constructs - not good
Day 12: Lying and hiding the truth of myself
Day 13: Stopping the blame game
Day 14: Removing reactions towards my partner
Day 15: "I'll be there for you, so you're obliged to be there for me in the future"
Day 16: Communication in relationships
Day 16: Honesty vs self-honesty
Day 17: Sex manipulation in relationships = indirect whoring
Day 18: Agreement revisited
Day 19: Releasing the blame
Day 20: Self-manipulation & Blaming
Day 20: Manipulating with knowledge and information
Day 20: Me in the eyes of others
Day 21: Moving with the Physical

August 2012

Day 22: Deconstructing my 'ideal partner'
Day 23: Them lying politicians
Day 24: Abandon all hope
Day 25: Interaction with my partner
Day 26: Abandoning all hope revisited
Day 26: Interaction with my partner revisited
Day 27: Relationships are about Survival
Day 28: Commitment to publish regularly
Day 29: Codependency

September 2012

Day 30: I'm responsible for someone else's delusions
Day 31: Self-forgiveness on being responsible for my creations - part 1
Day 32: Self-forgiveness on being responsible for my creations - part 2
Day 33: The desire for exposing people
Day 34: Looking for "something better"
Day 35: Where will I live?
Day 36: I, Monster
Day 37: Wanting to let others know when I'm in a relationship

October 2012

Day 38: Self-forgiveness on mother
Day 39: Sharing my specific knowledge and information
Day 40: Wanting to be thin
Day 41: Wanting to be important

November 2012

Day 42: Self-forgiveness on money
Day 43: Revised and expanded self-forgiveness on wanting to be thin
Day 44: Templated self-forgiveness does not work
Day 45: We are the Elite and we have No Excuses
Day 46: Overwhelmed with thoughts
Day 47: Expanded self-forgiveness statements on wanting to be important
Day 48: Music in my head
Day 49: Self-forgiveness on Sex
Day 50: SF on reactions to my sexual partner
Day 51: Fear of losing my sexual partner
Day 52: Jealousy
Day 53: Removing Jealousy - part one
Day 53: Removing Jealousy - part two
Day 54: Removing Jealousy - part three
Day 55: Removing Jealousy - part four
Day 56: Removing jealousy and the emotional manipulation of my partner
Day 57: Removing the dependency on my parents/family
Day 58: Self-forgiveness on not trusting my partner and my friends
Day 59: Removing Fear of my partner being manipulated into not being with me
Day 60: Fear of vlogging/exposing myself
Day 61: Anger towards my partner
Day 62: "You don't care for me if you don't do as I say"

December 2012

Day 63: "My parents never taught me to be financially self-responsible"
Day 64: "Do I bother you with my presence?"
Day 65: "I'm better than you and keep your hands off my partner"
Day 66: Perceived security with others and secrecy within a partnership
Day 67: Allowing my choices to be influenced by others (part 1)
Day 68: Paranoia
Day 69: Wanting my partner's friends and family to like me
Day 70: Supporting my partner
Day 71: "Beat the System"
Day 72: Communication with friends
Day 73: "I'm an upstanding citizen"
Day 74: The age difference between partners
Day 75: "I care and worry about You"
Day 76: Judging and blaming myself for alcohol and drug abuse
Day 77: High Society
Day 78: The problem with Education
Day 79: Judging myself through my perceptions of my partner's perceptions of me
Day 80: Banking Apostols
Day 81: Fearing that my partner's ex is trying to separate us again
Day 82: "I want my partner to feel good around me"
Day 83: Fear of the past repeating itself within my partnership

Year 2013

January 2013

Day 84: Being liked and categorising people
Day 85: "You look nice, therefore I like you"
Day 86: Being valued and considered within a partnership
Day 87: Comparing Physical Abilities
Day 88: Self-validation in partnerships
Day 89: Making my partner face himself instead of me facing myself
Day 90: Manipulating my partner with money
Day 91: Addicted to conflict
Day 92: Wanting my partner to treat me as special and more than others
Day 93: Time is Money
Day 94: Reacting to the abuse that is going on in the world
Day 95: Wanting to experience infatuation
Day 96: "With kind regards, Hilda"
Day 97: Conclusion - restart
Day 98: Feeling contempt for humanity
Day 99: Interaction within a group of people
Day 100: Perceptions about the State
Day 101: "It's my partner's job to keep me happy"
Day 102: We lost our kitteh

February 2013

Day 103: Desiring to communicate with others
Day 104: "I am more aware than you"
Day 105: I'm awfully grumpy in the morning
Day 106: Feeling proud of myself
Day 107: Feeling uneasy around other people
Day 108: Reactions when playing games
Day 109: Wanting others to solve my problems
Day 110: Wanting to do more things at the same time
Day 111: The Privatization of Water
Day 112: "I'll leave you, before you leave me"
Day 113: Discomfort about sharing personal information
Day 114: My relationship with food
Day 115: My relationship with sweets
Day 116: Being fat ruined my life - introduction
Day 117: Fat people are second grade people
Day 118: Spitefulness towards the fashion industry for promoting thin girls
Day 119: Feeling uncomfortable around others due to being fat
Day 120: "Finish your meal, because there's children starving in Africa"
Day 121: Releasing various perceptions about food
Day 122: "The diet is always tomorrow"

March 2013

Day 123: Tackling the weight loss/gain patterns
Day 124: From eating to smoking
Day 125: Being fat - taking it personally
Day 126: This is THE SYSTEM
Day 127: System Command Lines
Day 128: Self-hatred
Day 129: Wanting to have a tiny waist
Day 130: "I have no time for myself"
Day 131: Mother
Day 132: The constant search for a perfect partner
Day 133: "I'm a freak"
Day 134: "Thin equals freedom"
Day 135: Self-forgiveness on ending relationships
Day 136: Fear of break ups
Day 137: Battling others with knowledge

April 2013

Day 138: Complacency
Day 139: The Educated Ones
Day 140: Procrastination (introduction)
Day 141: Procrastination (scratching the surface of the personality)
Day 142: Procrastination dimension/character - Fear of Failure
Day 143: Waiting for things to happen instead of directing them
Day 144: Frisbee mistakes
Day 145: Shit is Fucked, let's Fix it
Day 146: Fear of Death

May 2013

Day 147: My infatuation with computer geeks
Day 148: Manipulating people with Bad Memories
Day 149: How Humanity keeps being perpetually Fucked Up
Day 150: Manipulating with Good Memories
Day 151: Every single human being is absolutely mad
Day 152: Comfortableness, safety and stability within relationships
Day 153: "Trust" and "intimacy" in relationships
Day 154: "Help" and "assistance" in realtionships
Day 155: Professors
Day 156: Looking at men in the streets
Day 157: The Eurovision Hunger Games
Day 158: Strangers
Day 159: Scanning males as potential partners
Day 160: Wanting to be different, not fat
Day 161: War
Day 161: Stopping and removing my perceptions/beliefs of what one requires in order to be happy (body)
Day 162: "Don't touch my stuff without my Permission!"
Day 163: Food=Love=Safety
Day 164: Understanding Hitler and ourselves
Day 165: More self-forgiveness on Mother

June 2013

Day 166: VIP
Day 167: Grown ups are unstable and unpredictable monsters to children
Day 168: Rendering myself inactive with perfectionism paranoia
Day 169: Relationship paranoia
Day 170: "I am not like my mother!"

July 2013

Day 171: "Being me is sooo hard"
Day 172: My Boss
Day 173: Releasing more definitions about food
Day 174: Releasing the Fear of the Future
Day 175: Witness blog - I have Researched Desteni and it is Not a Scam

August 2013

Day 177: Coping with Bernard's death
Day 178: Releasing the need for shopping - general points

December 2013

Day 179: "Sharing is polite"
Day 180: Holding a grudge

Year 2014

January 2014

Day 181: Deconstructing the Cartoon Character
Day 182: Tears of joy
Day 183: Blaming parents for not completing my education

March 2014

Day 184: Clearing my reactions to a clash with another person

April 2014

Day 185: Fear of the future
Day 186: Fears in relation to time

June 2014

Day 187: How words create my world
Day 188: Blaming myself for the way I look
Day 189: Blaming myself for the way I look - continued
Day 190: Fat people as second class human beings

July 2014

Day 191: Hippies. Hippies everywhere.

September 2014

Day 192: Feeling threatened by other people's success
Day 193: Misery loves company
Day 194: Feeling uneasy in crowds
Day 195: Walking alone in the woods in order to avoid people in the park
Day 196: A not-so-surprising twist
Day 197: Wastefulness and Recycling
198: The Fear and Pride in Perfectionism
Day 199: How I cracked Buddhist mysticism and learned to Stop Desire
Day 200: Product Brands and Conspicuous Consumption

October 2014

Day 201: Reacting to being asked for help

November 2014

Day 202: Releasing the desire for falling in love
Day 203: Defiance
Day 204: Feeling neglected by my parents
Day 205: Stopping my judgments towards healthy living
Day 206: "Doing accounts is so boooring and I don't want to!"

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