Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Day 126: This is THE SYSTEM

The shelves, closets and desks in the accountants office were full of binders with her client's papers. So many trees have died, so that those binders could be opened once or twice a year for someone to take a glance at the information on the papers. Some papers would never ever be looked at again. It would have been so much more productive, if they stayed in the forest. They'd be producing oxygen and supporting Life. But they are dead and they support the system.

The curtains were yellow and outdated as per current "fashion standards". They reminded of a time, when smoking in offices was not unusual. The synthetic textile has been gathering dust for years. Behind them, on the window shelf, there were orchids and pictures, buried behind many piles of binders with papers; forgotten, meaningless, purposeless. The little oxygen that the orchids produced, went unnoticed by the two tired-looking women, who were constantly browsing through binders and typing information into their computers. One of them had a very dignified look on her face while doing it, like she wanted to cover up the fact that she is a slave to the system, and that she takes pride in her work. The reading and then typing. She would have been so much more productive, if she could stay at home and dig through her garden and enjoy time with her little grandchildren, thus supporting Life. But she is dead and she supports the system.

There was silence in the office, despite so many organisms occupying it. It gave contrast to the artificial noise that the radio was producing. The voices of the anchors sounded happy and light and loud, and they in no way reflected the state of the beings in the office. They support the system by keeping those women  occupied with cheerfulness, while they do their work that supports the system.

The women were entirely oblivious of how they waste away their lives to support the system - every day for at least 8 hours - because as soon as they got home, they turned on the TV, whose job is to keep people oblivious to the fact that they live only to support the system. All those alternate realities of the entertainment industry are way too time consuming and focus consuming, for people to stop for a moment and consider what is here in this physical reality.

We are not humans, we are robots, trapped in a system. Our wish is our command line. We do not want to work, but we have to, so that we can have what we want. And we want the most preposterous things... we want a fast flashy car that serves no other purpose but to make other people envious - in a world, where more than half the population lives bellow the poverty line, and a billion people starve every day.

That's how we support the system. That is how we are the system. Our wishes are the system's command lines that carry out all these programs. That is how each and every one of us individually allows wars and famine in this world. By wanting things we don't need, for which we go to jobs and do work that in no way whatsoever supports Life itself.

Will we ever stop? Will we ever become beings of Life that live and support each other together in harmony
without spiting each other? That depends on each and every single individual separately; to make the decision to Stop being the System, and start being Life by deprogramming the inherent programs in one's mind that automatically make decisions for us and Are the System.

To Free oneself of the System Inside, go to It is free, just like the solution to this World should be.

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