Monday, 5 November 2012

Day 45: We are the Elite and we have No Excuses

My friend sent me this video of animals being slaughtered for profit. While watching it, I was doing self-forgiveness and removing my reactions to what I was watching, because I realise that it is my reactions that make me unable to do anything about the abuse that I accept and allow as a consumer of these products.

We must understand that we are all responsible for this. It is not just the animals that are being abused in the name of profit, it is also people in the poor countries, and the plants that we ruthlessly kill for our own comfort, and don't even feel a thing about it, because we perceive them to not be Life, because they don't move around and scream.

How do we allow this? By focusing only on ourselves and our little world and our petty needs, such as the newest iFad. Within this we chose to completely ignore Everything that is involved in us fulfilling our wants, needs and desires. When we enjoy that juicy stake, we don't even for a moment consider everything that  happened in order for that stake to be on our plate right now. Just as we don't consider the workers at Foxconn, when we're being all important and cool in front of our friends with our iFads. Usually we don't even know about the anti-suicide nets that have been installed at the factory in order to prevent workers from killing themselves by jumping off the roof, because they see no other way out of their miserable existences.

We are the Elite. We are the ones that get supported by allowing such terrible abuse. We are the ones responsible for the abuse. All of us, users of Facebook, people with access to the internet and flushing toilets, got the better end of this global capitalistic deal. We are the ones that need to stand up within ourselves in order to end this abuse, because we are the ones that abuse the rest of the world, we are the ones raping earth for it's resources in order to have these fab lives with all these gadgets and stores full of food. The funniest (saddest) part is that we're all still miserable within all this, because we don't even see the other end of the stick that the plant, animal and Chinese worker get.

The world is in such a miserable state, because we all allow it to run this way. The world will not change, until every single one of us changes and stands up to the abuse within oneself. We need to change the way we live and experience ourselves in order to be able to manifest a global change. We need to stop focusing only on ourselves as a separate part of this world and realise that we're all in this together. That is when we'll come to the understanding and agreement that we need to implement a system that will support all Life in ways that are Best for All Life.

If you don't want to be part of the Problem anymore, but rather be a part of the Solution, join and start with the Process of Birthing Oneself as Life - it is free, there are no excuses to not join and stop being an abuser.

Support the Equal Money System and educate yourself on how we can all change this miserable existence into one that supports All Life. Because if we don't stand up, nobody will, and we'll slowly but surely ruin ourselves within our accepted and allowed separation from the Reality that is incessantly knocking on our doors.

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