Monday, 22 July 2013

Day 175: Witness blog - I have Researched Desteni and it is Not a Scam

My name is Hilda Rac. I am a 32 year old female from Slovenia in Europe. I am a pharmaceutical technician, I studied two years of microbiology, and now I work as a translator. I've worked several jobs as a pharmaceutical technician, none of which had anything to do with helping or saving lives, which is why I got into that scientific field before realising that it has long since stopped being a scientific field and has transformed into a profit-building field at the cost of abusing life.

I've encountered Desteni in 2008, when I was becoming increasingly fed up with the dire situation in the world, and my own seemingly aimless, pointless, directionless life within it. I was at a point, where I was browsing the internet for proof or indication of a catastrophe ending this whole abominable human mess in 2012, because, frankly, I was sick of everything. I felt hopeless and helpless in terms of doing anything about and with my life. I felt like I was simply being carried by the current of life, which I had absolutely no effect or influence on, and all I could do was to not fight it, to not make things even harder for myself before I die.
So I randomly clicked on a Desteni video, and there was this person saying that nothing is going to happen in 2012, and that the situation in this world is going to be worsening, until we, all human beings, realise that we are all equally responsible for the shit that goes on.
The video was a real eye-opener. It was sincere, direct and absolutely commonsensical, so I started investigating the material further. There were several hundred videos and documents to go through, and the more I investigated, watched and read, the more I realised and understood that for the world to change, each and every single individual must change - I must change.

Therefore I started my Process of Change. Reluctantly at first, because let's face it, nobody likes to change. We dread Change, because we feel like we're treading into unfamiliar waters. But the more I changed, the more I realised that I was actually rediscovering waters that I already knew. I was slowly but surely going back to a state of knowing myself and this world, and trusting myself in it. I learned how to remove my fears. I removed many a fear through Process, the most dramatic ones being the fear of insects and fear of dark. I am now able to hold insects in my hands - in the dark. Three years ago a combination of these two would have killed me.

I've become a calmer, more stable person. I went from being a jobless lost soul in the big bad world of survival, dependent on others to sustain me, to being a fully employed breadwinner. I went from hating life, being angry, depressed, wanting to die and end this agony, to actually living Life.
With the support of my Process-Buddies and the whole group, I rendered myself into a functional Human Being, who is ready to take responsibility for the fact that whatever is happening in the world is a direct consequence of every Human Being's thoughts. Therefore I am busy stopping and removing my thoughts that are on a global scale manifesting wars, famine, poverty and all the other abuses that we humans allow by turning our heads and looking away.
I have been investigating the Desteni material and applying the knowledge and tools for about four years now, and I can claim without a shadow of a doubt that Desteni is not a scam, and in fact offers the real, substantial solutions to all the problems Humans have. This is greatly supported by the fact that in 2012 the Desteni group launched a free online course with support of highly skilled people available for anyone and everyone.


  1. "I am now able to hold insects in my hands - in the dark" lol very cool Hilda - so remind yourself of this when you are facing points you think are impossible.