Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 85: "You look nice, therefore I like you"

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be nicer and more approachable to beings (people/animals/plants/fungi/bacteria/viruses/protozoa) that I have defined as physically more attractive than to beings that I have defined as physically less attractive, instead of realising and understanding that in doing so, I am participating within a mind polarity construct, where I will want to be validated by beings that I have defined as more attractive as one that is 'worthy' of their attention and in some way perceive that I am then also perceived/regarded as 'attractive enough' to be regarded and approved of by beings that I (and society) have defined as more attractive and will feel positive, good, superior and more than within communication with those beings, and on the flip side I will be avoiding and diminishing communication with beings that I have defined as less attractive, and will not want to be associated with them purely on the basis of their appearance, within which I will be neglecting and ignoring who they are as Life, and will feel bad, negative and inferior, when those beings approach me and when I interact with them, not realising and understanding that I have built up this construct in order to feed my mind energy to survive as ego through separating myself from myself and all that is here injudgement of other being's (and my own) looks, thus creating friction within myself for the creation of that energy as food for my ego.

When and as I see myself judging other being's and my own appearance and creating/participating a relationship through definitions that I create towards appearances, I stop and I breathe. I realise and understand that I amallowing myself to influence myself with pictures that have nothing to do with the actuality of who other beings and myself are as Life, within which I will neglect and disregard the Being itself due to being blinded by a picture, therefore I release the judgements I've created with self-forgiveness and direct myself within awareness of the Equality of Life within myself and other beings.

I commit myself to through writing, self-forgiveness, self-corrective application and accumulation of Breath of Life stop and remove from within myself all remaining definitions of being's and my own picture presentations, and stop influencing myself with picture presentations of all beings that I live with Here in this world, because I realise and understand that if I allow myself to influence myself with picture presentations of Life, I am separating myself from Life with instant definitions of those picture presentations, which I know to be abuse of myself and other beings.

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