Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day 111: The Privatization of Water

Today I learned that the government in my country has agreed to the privatization of water resources initiative in Europe. There was no public discussion about this, it happened behind closed doors and far away from the public eye.

It is interesting how dissociated from reality we are as participants in this world; we're not even remotely aware of how we're all allowing this to happen. We are so busy chasing our own "happiness" and "fulfillment" and "love" that we don't even notice, when invisible shackles are put on our wrists in the form of taxations, and for what? Certainly not for the infrastructure to run smoothly, because governments of the world have been cutting and saving money on the infrastructure since the beginning of this man-made financial crisis, and before it as well.

If we do not pull our heads out of our collective asses soon, we'll soon be paying for the air that we breathe, which nature provides for free, just like water and sunlight. We all need to realise that we, as part of the 99%, give permission to the elites, the 1%, to abuse us like this.

We need to realise that we are all part of this system, of the 100%, or else we're going to ruin ourselves with 100% certainty.

Wake up. Join the Desteni courses, and learn how to take responsibility for a better future, and investigate the Equal Money System, or the children of today will have no tomorrow.

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