Sunday, 20 January 2013


Watching a documentary - the team of cameramen, directors, producers, drivers, guides and whoknowswhoelse are following a pride of starving lions. STARVING. As in no food. A state that countless other beings, including a third of humanity, are experiencing - on this more than abundant planet.

I have been watching these "documentaries" ever since I was little, and I always wondered, why the hell those people, that are around, do not save or help the animal that they're "documenting".

It's so simple that even a child gets it. Go get food. Give the food to the animal or starving human. It's not rocket science.

Why is it that we do not want to understand this, and why is it that we can write kilometres of useless words just to justify it instead of simply doing it? It would take way less time and effort.

Where exactly have we taken this abominable turn? We need to retrace our steps and get it right this time.

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