Saturday, 6 April 2013

Day 139: The Educated Ones

"I am the Educated One. I don't know shit about the economy, or the government that is cutting and freezing my pension, and social and medical services, or how people really live in other countries, except for what they tell me on tv and in the papers, and I am absolutely unaware of the forces that make these run and how they influence me, but look at me knowing my Roman and Greek and yes, even Chinese history. Which I got from the history channel. I even know some physics and quantum mechanics that I got from discovery. Not really, but the Chinese part must have gotten me in by now. If not, this person is not for me to interact with. There's nothing to talk bullshit about and fill the emptiness of my Helpless little life with. Oh hai, didn't see you there, how you duin babe? No, I didn't see the latest game. Want a drink? Terrible weather, eh?"

End Ignorance. Enter Life.

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