Thursday, 18 September 2014

Day 199: How I cracked Buddhist mysticism and learned to Stop Desire

Almost everyone with a Facebook account has seen this one, right?

Sounds commonsensical, right? You simply remove the ego and desire, and all of a sudden you are a happy camper.
What this little illustration fails to explain is just how one removes the ego and desire. Even the Buddhist monks and scholars do not know how to explain that one, otherwise Buddhism would have worked, and we would all be happy campers living in a world of peace. But we are not.

I'm sure many people will say that one has to meditate on it. But meditate on what? What exactly is one doing in meditation? Looking at one's own mind. And/or trying to clear it. But what is one looking at, and/or trying to clear, when one does not even know how the mind works? What conclusions and realisations does one come to through meditation? The ones that his "teachers" have told him to come to. Screw that. It is not real, because one has not actually come to any conclusions; one is at best pretending to understand the knowledge one was told by "teachers", who are pretending to understand the knowledge. If they weren't pretending and really understood the knowledge, then they would have been able to transfer that knowledge effectively onto others, Buddhism would have worked, and we would all be happy campers living in a world of peace. But we are not.

In my life I was just enough attracted to spiritualism to try get the answers that science could not give me. And that failed spectacularly.

What really did the trick for me was stumbling upon Desteni, the single greatest source of knowledge still largely unknown to mankind. I learned the power of self-forgiveness, how the mind/ego works, how this whole existence works, and through practical application of this knowledge I was able to suddenly crack all the nice mystic words that spiritual "teachers" fail to explain on a daily basis. I learned not only to remove desire, but to remove the underlying causes of it, along with ALL other mental monsters that make humans unable to enjoy Life and to really Live with themselves and each other.

So if you're ready to stop spending time, effort and money on "teachers" who are pretending to have some greater knowledge than yourself, and become your own Teacher, your own Master, then click on the links bellow and start your own Journey to Life. - the knowledge treasury - on-line course that presents the knowledge and tools in a structured way - FREE version - not as voluminous, but just as amazingly effective - mother site with forums and people, who are ready to assist and support you on your journey

No one outside of oneself can fix self and/or this world. It must be Self. Join us.

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