Monday, 11 March 2013

Day 127: System Command Lines

I sat in a restaurant in a room with about 30-40 other human beings. The atmosphere was very quiet, only the murmur or irrelevant talks and the clamour of cutlery filled the air. I sat bellow a plasma screen with a still picture on it and some text. Despite the picture not even once changing, I found my glance to be drawn to it in regular intervals. I was annoyed by this fact, so I started making fun of it with my friend. A few people who saw me, found it to be weird. There I was, pointing at an inanimate object and laughing about it.
At some point I became cold, so I needed to generate some heat. First I put my hands under my things, but that wasn't enough, so I wanted to wiggle my feet, but "hey, that's not done, because it looks weird." As soon as I identified these thoughts, I took a deep breath and started wiggling my feet. I knew that there were people looking at me, and I deliberately kept my eyes focused on my friend. I wasn't looking for attention, I was simply cold. In that I realised how placid everyone else is, how there is absolutely no Life in the room. The children at the table across were being shouted system commands at: "Sit down, be quiet, don't move, don't point, don't shout, don't don't don't..." Humanity's system commands work like a charm; no one in the restaurant did anything from the list. If there were 30-40 dogs in a room together, you bet your ass that there would be commotion, playfulness and interaction going on. There would be no "strangers".

I've been away from "my town" for about 3 months now, I've mostly been inside, and when I came back to my old environment, I was almost shocked, when I saw the people on the street. So much fear in their eyes, everywhere one looks, one can only see fear. Fear of other human beings, fear of cars, fear of the weather, fear of being late... there is no Life. Only Fear. No one to talk to, interact with, play with... the Fear does not allow it. The Fear does not allow for a solution to this mess to be born, because it ultimately separates people. And it all comes from those system command lines that we've burned into our subconscious: "Don't get into cars with strangers, they might take you away; Don't be bad, be good, or the police will take you away; Don't take candy from strangers, they might drug you, rape you and strangle you..." Jesus! We're so afraid of each other that we cannot wait to get into what we perceive to be the safety of our own homes, and on the flip side we will do the nastiest things to each other and justify it with the fact that other people are nasty too, because we've learned it from the command lines when we were little. And those "other people" IS US!!!

We've caught ourselves into these lies to thoroughly and completely, boy, it really has momentum. But it can be stopped. Join the Desteni I Process and remove the Fear to learn how to really Live. There's also the freeversion for the moneyless chums that are calling for change. Put your actions where your mouth is, there's no money required.

We've programmed ourselves into our separate little realities, and now it's time to deprogramme ourselves back into reality, so that we may change it once and for all into a reality that is worth experiencing, so that we don't have to run away from it in our minds.

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