Thursday, 24 January 2013

Day 97: Conclusion - restart

This is the conclusion of a streak of self-forgiveness statements. I've allowed myself to skip 3 days of blogging again, and it is not something that I recommend to myself in my future ventures.

I forgive myself that I have 
accepted and allowed myself to be afraid that people in my vicinity will feel less than and inferior within comparison with me, when I do what I perceive to be best for all, instead of realising and understanding that it is actually me, who is feeling superior to them within my perception that I am doing what is best for all, not realising and understanding that I am participating within a self-validation mind polarity construct, within which I will make myself feel more than and superior and positive and good, when I perceive that I am doing something that is best for all, and I will feel negative, less than, inferior, bad and ashamed of myself, when I see/perceive myself doing something in my self-interest only.

When and as I see myself feeling superior to others in relation to perceiving myself to be doing what is best for all, I stop and I breathe. I realise and understand that I have caught myself in a mind polarity construct, where I think more of myself and define/perceive myself as superior to people who do not do process consciously, when I perceive myself to be doing something that is best for all, not realising and understanding that I am participating in backchat about myself and others, and with that abusing myself, my physical body and others in order to make myself feel the positive energetic experience of me being 'good'. Therefore I release the trigger point and thought pattern with self-forgiveness and direct myself in breath and I do not allow any kind of thoughts within me.

I commit myself to through writing and self-forgiveness and self-corrective application stop all thoughts/perceptions/opinions/self-validation about my physical actions and my self-expression, and eradicate from myself all polarity constructs about me doing process and me doing what is best for all, because I realise and understand that as soon as I have a thought about anything, I am experiencing myself as ego that is searching for it's positive energetic experience, and am thus not breathing and really standing as and doing what is best for all.

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