Sunday, 15 July 2012

Day 16: Honesty vs self-honesty

I have recently made a big fuckup by thinking that I was honest. Within this I didn't realise how "honesty" is actually of the ego, and a completely different thing from self-honesty and what is best for all. "Honesty" exists, so that we could form special relationships with people, in which we will present ourselves as honest and worthy of their company.

"Honesty" is an energetic experience connected to secrecy, trust, privacy, and for honesty to exist - dishonesty must exist. When I perceive that I am being honest with someone - it is actually from a point of wanting their "trust" and "support".

When and as I see myself thinking/believing/perceiving that I am "being honest" with someone - I stop and I breathe. I investigate the point - why I want someone to perceive me as honest - I release it with self-forgiveness, and I direct myself in self-honesty, in breath, with common sense towards what is best for all.

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