Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day 157: The Eurovision Hunger Games

Today was the Eurovision song contest, which I used to watch with my family when I was little. I stopped quite a few years ago, when the quality of the music dropped to an astoundingly low level, giving way to the visual stimuli and cheap "catchy" beats that replaced it.

But this year, just for the sake of having a chance to view it on a huge screen tv, I gave in to nostalgia, knowing fully well what to expect.
So two days ago I watched the semi finals, and in a given moment, the show host turned to one of the performers, and said in a highly snobbish way that he looks fabulous. The scene reminded me of a movie I watched last year, the Hunger Games. The similarity between the movie and this real life show was astounding. Only the killing was missing. 

Here we are, a world in peril, crippled by wars, famine, slave labour pollution and the division of the population into a small elite and a vast majority of increasingly unhappy "citizens", yet we as individuals do nothing about it, because we're too entertained, too busy, and too limited, to even conceive that we, as a part of the whole, are responsible for the mess that humanity finds itself in. We are too busy supporting the system to even notice how we are supporting the system.

The ironic part was that the slogan of this year's contest was "We are one", which was meant to give the average European a sense of belonging, and to promote the slowly but surely coming merging into the European Superstate. That's all fine and dandy, only the average European is not even remotely aware of where it's comfortable lifestyle is coming from. It's coming from the wars, famine, slave labour and consequential pollution of the other parts of the world, which are conveniently termed as "second" and "third", as to not be seen as part of this "first" one, thus "not being our problem". And that's how we deal with that.

Unfortunately for us, limited beings of the "first" world, there is no such thing as three worlds. There is only one enclosed Earth, an interconnected system of systems, which is all but collapsing into itself. The fact that we're not noticing it yet is due to it's physical size, but this is also catching up with us, as the global monetary-economic system, whose mathematical design is working against Life itself, puts more and more people on the street - even in the so called "first" world.

When do we truly realise that we are in fact one and that each one is equally responsible for the abuse that is going on? Will it only happen as we experience the nuclear winter? Or not even then?

We need a new system, one that supports Life and all living beings, but that will only happen when 51% of us realise all of the aforementioned. For that we need to rid ourselves from the imaginary reality that we have conditioned ourselves into throughout our lives by following the programming and thus perpetuating the sins of our forefathers.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect/equate the eurovision song contest with cosiness, comfortableness, fun and safety, because I used to watch it with my family when I was little.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define/perceive watching the eurovision song contest as a fun activity, instead of realising and understanding that while I am being entertained, billions of beings on this planet are suffering and dying for me to be able to be entertained.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to simply accept the eurovision song contest as something normal in this world, instead of realising and understanding that it is simply another diversion point, with which I keep myself oblivious to the world in peril that surrounds me and my own personal responsibility towards it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself with the eurovision song contest, and define/perceive myself an authority for giving critique on it, instead of realising and understanding that I am participating within a superiority construct of my mind, where I will compare myself to the contestants and criticize them in my belief that "I would do better" or support them, because the song might have struck a chord that appealed to me, not realising and understanding that I am making this activity a part of my own personal bubble, in which I am so self-important that watching the show and giving my opinion on it is more important than all the suffering that I allow by participating within this construct and therefore ignoring the suffering.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to watch the show with the starting point of choosing a favourite that I would then root for and identify myself with, instead of realising and understanding that I am participating within a mind polarity construct, where I will feel superior, happy and positive, when my favourite is doing well in the rating part of the show, and will feel inferior, negative and sad, when my favourite is not doing well in the rating part of the show. Within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have energetic reactions/emotional responses to how my favourite is doing in the rating part of the show, instead of realising that this is exactly how I keep myself enslaved and blind to the actual state of the world, by creating and filtering my own version of it, where I will then talk about my favourite and try to get others to agree with my opinions and perceptions, not realising and understanding that with this action I am only powering my mind as ego of thoughts, emotions and feelings that power the separation between human beings in the world and making us blind to each other and seeing ourselves in another, because then we believe that we are seemingly different, when in fact we all have the same basic needs, which should be provided for everyone equally, but are in our current reality provided only for a few of us out here in the imaginary "first world".

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