Thursday, 30 May 2013

Day 164: Understanding Hitler and ourselves

In the first part of this video there is a rap battle between Hitler and Vader. When asked, who won, the viewers mostly chose Vader, because, as one simply and plainly put it - they just didn't want it to be Hitler. They didn't say why.

This is what an automated mind response looks like. We have been conditioned to believe and perceive Hitler to be the single most evil and bad individual in the history of human kind. Which is funny, because Hitler himself never actually killed any of the people that were murdered under his reign. It was done by his followers.

We like to judge Hitler, because we do not understand the situation that was going on. When hating on Hitler, we do not actually stop for a moment to remember or learn that before the war he actually saved an absolutely ruined Germany and lifted it's people from a devastating crisis by fixing the economy and creating jobs for everyone to be able to feed their families. 
But something went terribly awry, and he went nuts, absolutely bonkers. He started having ludicrous ideas, for which we oh so like to judge him and hate on him. But was this poor mad person, who lost his grasp on reality, to blame? Or are his followers to blame, who without questioning chose to carry out the mad ideas of an obviously mentally compromised individual? Where in this equation is the real crazy?

Is the so-called elite of rich people to blame for the state of this world, or is it us, who choose to blindly and automatically, without questioning, carry on executing the necessary mechanisms for this abusive world system to continue existing as it does? After all, we're all in this together, aren't we?

Start questioning and explore the alternative.

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