Friday, 6 July 2012

Day 10: My observations

My mother is a heavy smoker of weed. She has also heard that hemp oil helps cure cancer, so now she has a potted plant in her room.

Recently they found some growth on her breast. They operated it, and it's fine, only my mother is making a Shakespearean drama about it, so that she would have an excuse to try and get hemp oil. I do not agree with this method of taking on the illness. But I digress.

Since I don't live with my family anymore, I will not be writing this blog based on memories from a personal experience, but rather from a friends interpretation of the situation.

My mother also has a cat. He likes to sunbathe on the window ledge near the weed plant.
So one day this harmless by-passer from the street started petting the cat. He noticed the plant, and asked whether it was weed. Mom replied that it is, and he went away.

In about ten minutes time there was a policeman on a bike at my mother's window, and he asked her, whether she knows that it's illegal to grow weed, and why does she grow it. She answered with her cancer and health excuse, which is kind of hard to negate to a person, even for a policeman. So the policeman said that he will pretend to not have seen this, and asked her, if she can hide the plant away from the window, to which she replied: "But it needs sunshine!" Then the policeman suggested to make some sort of a screen for the window, because people can see it, and people call the police because of it.
My mother made a screen, so that by-passers on the street cannot see the plant, and now the cat cannot look out the window anymore. He's the real victim of our delusional minds.

 Everything is in reverse, lol

The nice, pleasant man, who came to pet the cat, called the police, when he found out about the plant. He probably did it, because he was part of the Reaganistic upbringing, which has manipulated public opinion about drugs in the eighties, and brainwashed people into repeating: "Just say no."
So now, whenever people (who were teens in the eighties) see a drug, they still react with ultimate brainwashed fear and hatred, instead of realising that drugs are not illegal, because they are dangerous. They are dangerous, because they're illegal. Don't get me wrong, I am not promoting drugs - only that taking them is part of the domain of absolute individual self-responsibility, and as such should not be illegal and/or demonized.

The policeman turned out to be more man than police. He did not use any oppression or power, he simply acknowledged my mother as an equal, and even suggested some corrections, so that my mother would not have trouble in/with the system. It's nice to see that policemen are finally starting to realise themselves as human beings.

The cat is still fine, only a bit limited, as the window now looks like the window of a narco-cartel from the outside. My friend gave this description, I find it funny.

All men are created Equal. Therefore we should make an effort to finally implement a system that respects this simple fact of life.



  1. thanks, I enjoyed this a lot, common sense is in it

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