Friday, 3 May 2013

Day 149: How Humanity keeps being perpetually Fucked Up

A fundamentalist Christian couple who prayed instead of calling a doctor while their two-year-old son was left to die of pneumonia have been spared jail.
Herbert and Catherine Schaible told homicide detectives: ‘We tried to fight the devil, but in the end the devil won’ after Kent Schaible was found dead.
The parents are members of the controversial First Century Gospel Church which tells members it is a sin to use medicine.

Are we really this stupid? Yes, sadly we are. We live in a world, where the 'right to life' and 'pursuit of happiness' are mostly decided by the parents, no matter how fucked up those parents might be. And most parents are fucked up, uneducated results of a system, where all Life is not supported by default, but one must have children in order to take care of one in the final days of old age.

The 'right' to "bring up my child whatever way I damn please" is sacred in this fucked up society, and usually only challenged by the powers that be when it is already too late, like in this case.

Being a parent is THE MOST difficult and responsible work, yet we have no rules, regulations or any form of control over who is capable of doing this work. And children, when they actually get a chance to grow up, like these two poor babies didn't (check the link), grow up to be just as fucked up as the parents. Or even more so, seeing how the average parent in this day and age is too busy making money and taking care of survival, to even teach their child that the Sun is in fact a star. Children up until the age of 14, when the most crucial part of a human's development occurs, are left to themselves and a uniformed, impersonal and abusive schooling system that treats everyone the same, regardless of one's individual needs, talents or drawbacks. Children are taught to compare and compete, and consequentially cheat, therefore they grow up into cheating lying individuals, some of who will stop at nothing to be able to be the winner within the comparison and competition of life.

And that's one of the reasons we have a fucked up society of highly selfish individuals that destroy the planet in the pursuit of personal 'happiness'. It's funny that we've evolved into such a highly technologically advanced civilisation, yet during all years of evolution it hasn't occurred to us to implement a system that would take care of and support every single individual from birth to death, therefore everyone has to step on each other's toes and kick each other's teeth in to survive. That is why now we're highly technologically slowly killing ourselves and destroying the planet. But do we stop? No, because "my happiness is more important than the planet". And then we bring children into this planet that we're destroying. Fucked up, eh?

Changing the world means changing the individual. But the individual can only change oneself, no one else can do it for one.

To change self into a responsible being, visit and
and support the solution of Equal Money that will globally take care of each individual from birth to death and allow them to develop to their utmost potential.

Or do not have children, because they most certainly will have no real future as we approach the endgame times of capitalism.

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