Saturday, 21 January 2017

My profession

I am a translator. I like being a translator. I've always loved playing with words, I put my heart into it and I take pride in my work.
But the joy that my work brings me is countered by the fact that it has been devalued over the last few years, and I am now working insane hours for a measly pay. Because of this I am stressed out, and we probably all know what that is like.
But hey, at least I still like what I do. I can count myself as one of the lucky ones… That is just sad. I wonder for how long we will keep playing into this before realising that we're creating it by playing into it. Actually realising it. Knowing it is not enough.
I can not only imagine, but I fully well know, having worked multiple non-translating jobs, the unhappiness of working a job you hate. You barely survive those 8+ hours. It's pure agony. Your stress levels are through the roof. And that is the reality for the majority of people.
It there any wonder that the world is in such a sad state? The majority of people barely survive, but whose fault is this? Why do the MAJORITY of people allow themselves to barely survive in a world of opulence?
Our mind-freedom has been hijacked with and by money, which is so obviously weird, because money isn't even paper anymore. It's only an abstract concept by now, but it causes real suffering. And we ALL simply just take it. Why is that?
It is because we were born into and brought up in a system where money is god. Our minds operate on that system's program. We do not see the possibilities beyond that program, because we are the system and our minds are the program.
Most of us see only: "You must make money to buy stuff to survive"
That is a very limited view of life. It is a result of a lifetime of reduced freedom. First we, as the system, trap ourselves as individuals into schools where we do not have authority over our own time, and thus the input which we will take in in that time. We take in boring information that we forget because we're not interested, and our desire for exploration is stifled because we're forced to sit still for a good third of the day. And as if that wasn't enough, we further limit our time at home by giving ourselves homework. By the time of the day we're allowed to explore on our own, we're too damn exhausted to give a damn about exploration, and we just want to counter the horrible prison-like  experience we just went through in school, so as soon as we get home, we do some or other instant gratification act.
We all went through this and we all knowingly and willingly send our children into it. We all know it sucks, yet we do not seek to create an alternative. Why? Because to create an alternative we have to work together. And that is something that the limiting institution of school has made impossible for the human mind - by grading it. Grades create comparison and competition, not cooperation.
Then we further limit ourselves by educating ourselves in one single field, which is so smart, because if a catastrophe strikes, I cannot rebuild my home or fix (let alone build) my car, but hey, at least I can translate.
And, finally, we trap ourselves into a job, which we decided on in our ignorant and highly hormonal teenage/adolescent years, so that by the time we uncover our true talents and passions, it is too late. We have allowed our creativity to silently die.
Is it ridiculous enough for us to stop and see it yet?

It is us that need to change our program and so the system.

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